?...i hosed it off last year. It should be good for a while."

?...it just rained this week, so they look pretty clean."

If only it were that easy. A simple rinse, wheter by a hose or Mother Nature, can't remove all the dirt and build up on your awnings caused by everyday pollution. In reality, because of the condition of our environment, rain water can actually have an acidic affect on the fabric, trapping the dirt and grime, and eating away at the threads holding your awnings together. Replacing an awning will cost much more than what you would pay for an entire year of service with us. This amount of savings can fit into anyone's budget.

Your service will include:
  • Soaping & Brushing of top of all awnings
  • Heavy rinsing
  • Rinsing sidewalk after service
  • Brushing of undersides (NOTE: This will only be performed if there are no obstructions, such as grates, electronic equipment, lighting fixtures or bird repellant devices.)
  • Squeegee of windows upon request only.
For an extra charge:
  • Soaping & Brushing of underside
  • Application of Protectant Coating (NOTE: New awnings come with coating already applied. However, it does wear off over time. Fabric manufacturers recommend re-application about every 2 years.)
  • Complete window cleaning
Many people feel it's not important or unnecessary, although most awning manufacturers require regular cleaning maintenance in their warranties. We hear a lot of Excuses:

To keep within your awning's warranty guidelines refer to your awning manufacturers recommended maintenance procedures. Let us know what you would like to set up. Any custom schedule is welcome.

We offer many different cleaning schedules depending on your location and your enviromental factors.
  • HIgh Traffic Areas - The pollution from the car exhaust is filtered through your awnings, which causes a building up on the fabric. The more cars, the more build up.
  • Ocean BreezeThe ocean air can cause mildew to grow on your awnings, due to the constant moisture from the ocean waters. Also, the salt in the air can eat away at the fabric.
Our most popular frequencies are Monthly, 6x per year, Quarterly, 2x per year or Annually. but we can create a schedule based on your needs.
  • For most residential customers, we suggest 2x per year or annually cleaning, unless you live near a mayor boulevard or the ocean. In that case, Quarterly cleaning would be the minimum frequency.
  • For an average commercial building, quarterly cleaning is recommended or at the very minimum, 2x annually may be sufficient to keep your awnings sparkling.
  • For businesses in high traffic areas or with heavy foot traffic, we suggest no less than quarterly, but a more frequent service would be beneficial
Awning maintenance is vital to preserving your investment. Keeping up with a regular cleaning schedule can add years to your awnings.

¿Why should i clean my awnings?