We have the ability and the knowledge to professionally clean tent structures, either on site or in our warehouse. We have received fabric from the North West to East Coast, as well as cleaned on site structures all over Southern California. Our signature cleaning products, which have been tested and approved safe by the top fabric manufacturers, can clean even the dirtiest of tents. Many permanent tent structures are neglected due to difficulty in access or budget retrains with in-house cleaning. Clean Awn can take those problems out of the equation.  

Clean Awn provides a service unmatched by any other cleaning company. 

Off Site Cleaning... 

Our crew can reach up to 40 ft high, getting to the most troublesome areas. If your tent is higher than 40 ft. tall, it's not a problem. We have the ability to obtain the equipment needed to fulfill your unique needs.

No need to bring your tent to us...We come to you!

Our cleaning makes a difference! On the top, right side you can see what this tent looked like before our crew started cleaning.

With large structures, like tents, unsightly stains and dirt can be seen up close as well as far away. Routine cleaning is essential in presenting the best image for your company. Preserving the integrity of the fabric with regular service can also help with reducing costs of repairing or replacing damaged pieces. As you know, cost of replacing tent panels will be much more expensive than maintaining a regular cleaning schedule. Let Clean Awn come to you and save you money.

Has your tent been taken down already? You can ship the pieces to us and have them cleaned here. We own the only KIT-KAT Machine in the United States, which is the primary unit used in cleaning your fabric in our warehouse. This machine is unique in it's way of cleaning both sides of the fabric at the same time, using soft brushes and the specially formulated Clean Awn products. Before each piece is loaded onto the machine, it is tagged with a Clean Awn number to insure every piece of your fabric is accounted for.  

Once loaded, the fabric is passed through 4 sets of brushes as well as a set of polishing brushes, which leaves the fabric with a sheen and virtually dry. The fabric is then hung on our drying racks overnight, to insure each piece is dry before the folding process. After the fabric is dry, it's folded, put onto pallets and tightly wrapped in plastic. This process protects each piece against the weather or other elements that might damage the fabric during delivery. When the cleaning process is complete we can make arrangements for you to pick it up from our warehouse or we can deliver it to any location of your preference.