Clean Awn®, a division of LBG, Inc., is a cleaning service company. We can clean anything that is not damaged. We take pride in the work we do and the services we provide. We are continually educating ourselves in cleaning processes and cleaning agents that will not damage your assets


Due to the nature of a labor type business, crews are scheduled in advance. Late Cancellations cause increases in our labor costs, which in turn force us to raise our prices. To avoid this a 48-hour notice of cancellation is required or a fee of 25% of your service price will be assessed.


Customer is solely responsible for moving or notifying in writting Clean Awn®, a division of LBG, Inc., for any hazards or breakables in or around the work area.

This Includes:

   • Moving antiques, collectables or other breakables.

Weather Proofing & Roofs

Clean Awn®, a division of LBG, Inc., is not responsible for any damage caused by water leak - age into the building from any source or to electrical wiring, lighting, security or alarm systems that have not been properly waterproofed. Please check these areas and secure before we arrive.

Clean Awn®, a Division of LBG, Inc., will not assume responsibility for damage to tiles or roofing materials before or after performing requested services i.e. Tile roof washing, building washes, skylight cleaning.

Window Cleaning:

We include cleaning screens and wiping sills only in our window pricing. The cleaning products and tools we use do not scratch windows. Previous scratches may become evident after a window is cleaned. Cleaning of tracks and frames are extra. Clean Awn®, a division of LBG, Inc., cannot be held responsible for damage to:

   • Glass or tinting - Scratches or breakage

   • Screens - Broken or bent

   • Louvered or aluminum framed Windows

   • Curtain rods or drapes

   • Collectables or antiques

   • Floor Covering scratches or water damage


Window cleaning does not include the following unless noted as an additional item:

   • Detailing glass (removing paint & stickers on glass)

   • Track cleaning

   • Moving furniture or collectables

   • Inside skylights

Sign Cleaning

Many signs & decorative facades are made of plastics or Styrofoam that may become fragile & brittle from age, sun and environmental conditions. Clean Awn®, a division of LBG, Inc., cannot be held responsible for any breakage or cracking of plastic while cleaning signage.

Awning & Tent Cleaning:

Regular awning cleaning service includes: cleaning the top, sides and valance fabric as well as dusting the undersides and framework. The estimate for awning cleaning does not include windows, grates, lighting inside of awnings or detailing the undersides of the awning. These items can be added separately to an estimate upon request.

Awnings and Tents are made of fabric. Fabric deteriorates from sun, pollution, age and lack of or improper cleaning. In some instances the grade of thread, fabric and metal might be of a lesser quality than with other awnings. We cannot assume responsibility for damage that is caused by these ot any other aspects that are out of our control.

We cannot be held responsible for :

   • Seams or fabric that open during or after cleaning

   • Frames that break due to failure of welds or rust

   • Framework that pulls away from walls

   • Graphics that peel or chip

Please remember that cleaning cannot put new life back into an awning or tent that has already been damaged. Examples of damage are:

   • Stains pr streaks that become imbedded and bond to the fabric

   • Building and roof runoff that falls directly onto awnings

   • Chemicals stains from prior cleaning

Steam Cleaning/Power Washing/Roof & Building Wash

Steam cleaning removes all surface stains. Stains that have become embedded (i.e. oil, gum spots) into concrete or asphalt may not be completely removed or it may take more than one service to see improvement.

We cannot be held responsible for electronic equipment left in work areas during steam cleaning service.

Payment & Billing Info:  

  - We accept: checks, cash, Visa/Mastercard presented at time of service.

  - If paying by credit card please request & fill out our credit card authorization form.

  - If you are requesting invoicing we require that our billing information form be completed & approved prior        to 1st service.

NOTE: Invoicing is NOT available for 1st time service unless authorized by our credit dept- a deposit is required or credit card acct.# must be on file prior to job.